Mission: To be a people who are transforming lives, one disciple at a time.

Vision: New Covenant Worship Center (NCWC) was established by God's direction to lead hurting, bruised, and wounded people to a covenant relationship with Him.

With this covenant relationship, we create an atmosphere of praise and worship and of powerful deliverance. As people who have been renewed by the Holy Spirit, we are empowered by ministry to influence people by our lives. NCWC implements ministries for each person to reach the individual destiny that God has designed. Our desire is to be a church that reproduces itself! This has many faces: every member reproducing him or herself through evangelism and discipleship.

If you attend New Covenant for a short while, you will notice that we often talk about "living according to vision and values." What has God called us to? What has God called you to? Do we live according to biblical values in seeking first His Kingdom? Our consistent message is for everyone to live out the values of the Kingdom. If we do that, we will know God intimately and be a loving representation of God's heart to a hurting world.

Our Pastor

Pastor Eddie McCall

Pastor Eddie McCall

Pastor Eddie R. McCall was born in Tallulah, Louisiana, but he and his mother moved to Las Vegas, NV when he was only nine months old. He lived in Las Vegas until after high school graduation when he moved to Idaho for junior college and then to Colorado where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree. Pastor McCall moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1976 to begin his teaching career and he also continued his education by obtaining a Masters degree from the University of New Mexico.

Pastor McCall married Sharon Kern in 1979 and she has continued to support him in his ministry throughout the years. They have three children: Karissa, Scott, and Lindsey who have been invloved in many aspects of New Covenant.

Pastor McCall was directed by God to establish New Covenant Worhisp Center (NCWC) in September of 1996. He has continued to follow the leading of the Lord to develop a fellowship based on love and walking victoriously according to God’s Word. The motto of NCWC is: “Jesus is not concerned about your past, but about your future.” Pastor McCall’s desire is for each person to have a prosporous future and reach the destiny God has designed for them.