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20-50 commitment

The NCWC Commitment - Giving God 20 Minutes Per Day for 50 Days

We Have the Time. Select your daily 20-minute period (early morning, commute to work/school, lunch break, evening)

There are 50 days from Resurrection Sunday until Pentecost Sunday (April 1 – May 20, 2018). If we listen to the New Testament 20 minutes per day during this period, we will hear the entire New Testament.

Download a free Bible App that provides audio (,,,, etc.). Select your preferred version (e.g., NIV, KJV, NKJV). You can even select the dramatized version to include the various voices and background sounds.

Begin with Matthew 1:1 on Monday, April 2. Listen for 20 minutes per day. You will hear the entire New Testament prior to Pentecost Sunday.